In our store you can find the best umbrian products, selected after a very accurate research in our area that has lead us choose only niche products. Each of them has unique qualities and is almost unavailable in traditional markets.

I nostri prodotti

In our Elisir store you can find:

Truffle specialities: truffle sauces, truffle butter, truffle salt, truffle aromatic oils, vacuum packed truffles, truffle polenta, truffle risotto, truffle noodles, truffle honey, truffle bitter and brandy, truffle fondues.

Legumes: cicerchia, roveia (old wild pea variety rediscovered, cultivated again and become a slow food primary product), lentils from Castelluccio of Norcia I.G.P., spelt, barley, varieties of beans, chickpeas.
We also suggest delicious soups with several mixes of legumes for all tastes and palates.

Saffron very pure, both powdered and in stems, saffron tagliatelle (noodles), saffron honey, saffron biscuits and saffron liqueur.

Liqueurs: vin santo, rosoli, limoncello, fragolino, nocino, chocolate and liquorice liqueur, an accurate selection of homemade local bitters and grappe.

Wines: we have selected for our clientele the best Umbrian wines I.G.P. D.O.C. e D.O.C.G.
An accurate selection of red, white, rosè and others wines almost not to be found anywhere else; table, dessert and meditation wines. We propose wines produced with both very old techniques dating from 1700 and sophisticated, innovative technologies; wines whose flavours and aromas are almost forgotten and new and unknown ones.

Chocolate: a selection made among excellent ancient Umbrian factories whose creations have made this small region, famous.

Jam, jelly and stewed fruit of all traditional flavours. You can also find blackberry, raspberry, dog rose, berries, elder, chestnut, currant, wild strawberry jams and citrus jellies.

Sauces: chilly, onion, saffron, peppers and other mixes, Sagrantino and Grechetto wines jams; all excellent with cheese appetizers and braised meat.

Honey: thanks to a strong cooperation with a bee Umbrian factory, we can suggest a wide choice of honeys whose tastes are very rare to be found: chestnut honey, acacia, coriander, alfalfa herb, eucalyptus, onion, lime, orange melata, acacia and millefiori. We also propose you a wide variety of bee products like wax candles, wax body creams, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, candies and comb honey.

Balsamic vinegars: as the only products alien to our region, we have chosen to suggest the Modena balsamic vinegar. We are directly and personally connected to some ancient vinegar factories in Modena dating back to 1700. We can offer a wide panorama of flavours and culinary combinations based on balsamic vinegars: from the traditional ones (25 years old) to recent ones kept in barrels for 8 years; many tastes for all flavours.

We also have seasonal products: you can find panettoni, pandori, panforti and typical biscuits during Christmas time; chocolate eggs, savoury pies and confectioneries at Easter.

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